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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 13, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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pnchlth. live, this is abc 7 news. >> enough of the e-mails. let's talk about the reissues facing america. >> dms engage in a spirited first debate with so much on the line tont. good eveni ievening. the democrats vowed to be different. no fighting or name calling. instead, they had more policy than finger pointing. >> still attacks though. >> reporter: firry but civil. both hilary clinton and bernie sanders went after each other on policy differences. but biggest cheers came during a moment of key support. the first democratic face-off heated up instantly over gun
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control. >> secreta >> front-runners going head to head. >> i supported a ban on assault weapons. >> with others jumping in. >> the nra gets the sway in the congress. i would bring the gun lobby in and say, we have got to change this. where with can he find common ground. >> reporter: clinton was asked about her record as secretary is of state and the deadly attack on benghazi. >> unless you belief that the united states should not send diplomats anywhere but places that safe, then there's potential for risk. >> reporter: donald trump was brought up. >> donald trump and his friends will pay more in taxes under my policies. >> reporter: and they took questions from facebook. >> every life in this country
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matters. >> reporter: the biggest moment in the night involved the controversial e-mail scandal with her private server. >> i have taken responsibility for it. >> reporter: and with that she had support from sanders. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: that was the big moment of the night, and we are now live in the spin room where the candidates and their aids are trying to sway who won the debate in their favor. the one powe pocandidate that w present was joe biden. >> thank you, turn to the forecast and the warm weather comes with an energy warning across california this evening. >> officials say high demand for electricity has exceeded available power. they are urging us to conserve
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electricity. >> the demand is likely due to the heat that is being felt. we have a live view here. >> take a look at live doppler 7 hd in a moment. first, the records today, tied in san jose at 93, 92 in kentfield and it was steamy, 10 is 1 inlivermore. and san francisco 87, and 90 in okay land and nick in red wood city. when you look at the current temperatures, it's warm in many areas, with 70s and 80s. live doppler 7 hd is tracking change and that change does include, believe it or not, returns here, just west of montrae bay. you take a look at the wider picture. it an area of low pressure that is sending up the clouds and the moisture. i will let you know if we will see a few showers around here coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, one other note on
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the weather, san jose officials say that the park will be closed tomorrow because of extreme fire danger. and a reminder we want to see how you are beating the heat. send the pictures, with #abc 7 now. you may see them here on abc 7 news. >> there's a series of accidents, a person died after being hit in the middle of rush hour, b.a.r.t. police are investigating what happened there. >> in san jose, a person was killed after being struck by a vta light rail vehicle. happened around 4:30, south of the fruitdale station. the incident is under investigation. in the person was trespassing at the time of the accident. >> and more commuters face delay. a cal train hit a pedestrian at
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the san matteo station. the person is at the hospital with no word on their condition t train was carrying 500 people. when it hit the person, nobody on board the train was hurt. >> in santa clara, an amtrak train hit a vehicle. resulting in major delays. they are running two hours behind schedule. no word of any injuries. >> we are learning more tonight about three drifters. police say, were responsible for the deaths of two people. they are accused of murdering a tourist and a hiker. they will make their first court appearance tomorrow. we have more. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint filed bythe district attorney office. the accused trigger man in the carter's murder, and all three are charged in murdering audrey
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carey, she was found beat expend shot to death here on october 3rd. father said that he hopes her family in montreal knows that residents in the city of saint francis are honoring her. steve and his dog maggie are in golden gate park nearly every day. he said that he believed he met two of the accused killers. e he remembers the frizzy hair. >> they were sitting at the table. a woman and a man. and had a few words about the dog. about my dog. >> one of the accused have shaved their heads. >> cissine -- saying our prayer and saying our prayers for everyone affected by this. ♪ may we be filled with love
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kindness ♪ >> the group marked where he was found shot to death. he was still hanging on to his dog's leash. he had just returned to the bay area to care for his wife who is battling cancer. abc 7 news. redwood city police arrested a man they say opposed as a doctor to perform examinations on women. he posted an internet ad for a model with the requirement that a medical exam would be required. one of the women was sexually assaulted in a utility room. and the other was suspicious and reported the encounter to police. >> more to come on the tuesday night here on abc 7 news at 9:00. the scare in the halloween
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aisle. >> i'm really upset. >> there was a big turnout today as the accused san jose cat killer appeared in court. >> and we will be back wi
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san francisco mayor ed lee is admitting that with a large population, it will take time to get the homeless population off the streets. we have more. >> reporter: he just laid a key on top. she is off the streets in to her own place at the baldwin. it was a single room hotel for the down and out, and now it's renovat renovated, it will supply 500 units for supportive housing for the homeless by the end of the year. >> maybe people on the streets are -- 500 makes a didn't. it's a serious dent. i need more than that. >> reporter: the mayor said he wants the homeless camped next to the up coming super bowl festivities to leave. >> the super bowl offers us a fantastic opportunity for us to do what we are doing today. let get people off the streets
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for the right reasons. >> reporter: where will they go? ray is one of the lucky one withes to move in to the baldwin with case managers and counselors. >> being in this building is helping me be a better person. sfwloo the city will spend $14.5 million to lease the hotels. they could make more money with private tenants but have decided to work with the mayor. >> the mayor's meeting with our group,quarterly. >> reporter: everyone knows there's no easy fix for the homeless crisis. >> it will take us months if not several years to get to the rest of them. police in san francisco have arrested a man suspected of trying to kidnap a young woman. police say a 9-year-old girl was walking to school when a man who has now been identified as 25-year-old albert brown,
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grabbed her by the collar and she screamed and was able to get away. >> this could have turned sideways had a little girl that was taken from the family. we are grateful for the bravery of the young victim that screamed and fought and got away and identified the person and got him off the streets. >> the police discovered the suspect, and brought the victim in to identify him. >> the san jose man accused on of being a serial cat killer appeared in court. also in court, the cat lovers outraged by the farm. he is facing animal cruelty charges. we have more on the story. >> robert farmer, son of a retired police captain was charged with animal cruelty and
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other related crimes. he was arrested last thursday, sleeping in his car with a dead cat. police say he matched the description of the catnapper in the security camera video. he snatched gogo the cat last month. after abc 7 news began reporting of the possibility of a cat abductor, other neighbors said is they had found cats dead. this was found in a burial in the box. the cat wrapped in plastic with the rocks on top. he was taking and hurting and killing cats since mid september is. she thanked the community members for coming forward. >> the victims that mr. farmer targeted were speechless victims, they could not help us with the investigation. >> a cat owner in the packed courtroom was forced to leave when she objected to a motion to
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release him. >> i do not want to see this guy loose. he is dangerous to people too. >> he needs to be in a mental institution. >> you know what? cats are like humans and i'm upset. >> gogo's owner came to his arraignment. >> i can't look at him. >> gogo is still missing. >> abc 7 news. san francisco's water department showed off progress on a project to provide more water during droughts and after earthquakes. crews are drilling a well in mill brey, it's one of 16 being dug across the county the wells will boost swatter supplies. mad, up to about 60,000 acre feet, which is the size of crystal springs reservoir in to the ground water basin.
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it is all about adding another reservoir, it underground. >> and these wells are part of a multi-billion dollar upgrade to the water system. it serves people in four bay area counties. >> pg&e announced a major milestone. it connect 200,000 solar customers. so far this year, the company can connect more than 70,000 solar customers up from 24,000 all of the year. >> san jose is 2 of 4 cities, that are to more than 30% of the solar customers. >> did we have solar power today. plenty, no doubt bit. and larry, we will see more tomorrow, but it will be as we speaked a bit. we will add in high clouds. i will show you live drop lar seven hd and a few sprinkles. so far they have been confined south of the bay area.
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montrae did report a few sprinkles. nothing measuring and most of the moisture is moving away are from the montrae bay. so you take a live look right now, from the emery ville camera, looking back to san francisco, and the bay bridge and the temperatures still on the warm side. 70 in oakland. and san jose 75 and currently 77 in morgan hill. half moon bay cooled off nicely. 63. look at the city by the bay. just spectacular. temperatures in the 70s from santa rosa to fairfield, and napa got enough of a breeze to drop to 59. and looks like a high had temperature. but it is 80. heat eases tomorrow. cloudy, cooler, for thursday and friday. and a slight chance of showers coming your strong and the record heat. tomorrow, this area of low
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pressure will start to lift northward and the cooling will begin begin. tomorrow night, sprinkles are possible. can't rule them out, as we go toward the early hours of thursday morning. now we will fast forward to friday. it will bring us a slight chance of a few showers in the north bay on saturday. with that, we have to keep an eye on, computer models are flip-flopping with the idea of rain here. first thing in the morning, mid 50s to the low 60s and for the afternoon, short sleeve weather in the outh bay. 85 in san jose. and 88, los gatos. and 80 in san matteo. mild day. not as warm as today. downtown san francisco 77, daly city, 72. you will see the filtered sun in
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the north bay. and mid 80s. 88 in santa rosa. and 88 san ra fell, east bay, mild. inland spots, you will be on the toasty side. and some areas should warm. 87 in san ramon. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, not much what you want to hear. i know people are talking about they are done with the hot weather. we have one more day, and then temperatures will come down thursday through the weekend. you will be down mid 60s to low 80s. we have sprinkles possible. and another opportunity for showers on seniority saturday. so that is at least good. >> okay, perfect. thank you. >> and still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00, images of a sight in the bay and why some think et cause for celebration. >> and nbc 7 is honoring his had panic heritage month had.
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today, we recognize christine of soul sisters incorporated. a bay area nonprofit that serves as a platform to empower all as a platform to empower all women. as a platform to empower all women. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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this is abc 7 news. >> san leandro police arrested a suspect for arson, accused of setting halloween decorations and costumes on fire in walmart. the suspect bought a bottle of lighter fluid, and they did put
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out the fire. october brings not only mild weather to san francisco, but also, sharks to the bay. >> yes, and just in time to mark the occasion. we have new video tonight from a rare shark ep counter. this captures a great white attacking a seal. they feel it's rare for a shark to be spotted this far in to the bay. witnesses were blown away. >> i have seen movies and shows, but never a great white in front of me. amazing. i was shocked. >> shark enelovers call this shark-tober, in celebration, shark-tober fest will be held saturday. >> i think they got their money's worth on that boat ride. >> for sure. just seeing that. well, i mean, feel bad for the seal. >> well, right. >> circle of life.
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>> yeah, another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 is next. the serious upgrade for the new bay bridge, why you may end up footing the bill for the bridge's fix. a search for a mother and
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it also should not be taken with any other medicine that contains sovaldi. side effects may include tiredness and headache. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. live from the kgo broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. an international group of bridge maintenance experts is pushing for the immediate retrofit of the eastern span of the bay bridge. they were presenting their findings this evening and they
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said that the systems have been crucial in the construction of new bridges around the world. >> new bridges, being built, all of them are built with d dehumidification systems. it's recognized that it's the only way that this form of construction can keep going and develop. >> now, if this gets approved, it will be costly. abc 7 news reporter, laura ashley has the details. >> reporter: an intpeer review panel said is that a system should be put on the tightly wrapped cable to prevent corrosion. >> we decided to go for a
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physical protection system. where we went with the high-grade wire and had wrapping wire, that interlocked and prevent moisture from getting in. >> reporter: the design relies on traditional methods, including anti-corrosive paste on the outside. and recommended changes to the bridge. >> they look at all the suggestions and we will take them all in to consideration. >> the system alone could cost between $10 million and $20 million. paid for by toll payers. but only if the toll authority approves the expense. in oakland, abc 7 news. san francisco's twitter announced today, i will layoff 8% of the workforce. that is up to 336 employs. jack dorsey tweeted this. made tough, but necessary decisions that enabled twitter to move with greater focus.
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product and energy earring will see the most sniff captain changes. the employees may not be out of a job for long another company tweeted to those exemployees that they were hiring. so did facebook. >> on to other news on the busy tuesday night. the eye opening report on the maylasia flight that was crashed. it is now said that it's likely a russian made missile that shattered the cockpit. >> the front section of the airline plane reconstructed loomed. >> it crashed, as the result of a de firing of a a war head.
9:32 pm
>> months of painstaking work shown in the remarkable video released today, allowed them to reconstruct the final moments of the flight. >> this warhead explodes to the left and above the cockpit of mh-17. >> last year we were on the scene. this is the kind of thing that investigators will look at. is this shrapnel damage, is it damage from the break-up of the plane and has the wreck tampered with. they found remnants of a buck missile in the bodies of the pilots. the front of the plane was torn off, and a blast of air decompression and loss of oxygen. those that were not killed instantly could barely understand what was happening. but a passenger was found with an oxygen mask on. and some may have remained conscious for up to 30 seconds.
9:33 pm
>> the investigation describes how the plane was shot down and not who did it. the prosecutors are working on that. meanwhile, russia rejected the findings saying that missile is no long eer in its arsenal. >> a new york mets fan remains in critical condition after being hit in the head outside dodger stadium. happened after game one friday night. the fan was punched and fell hitting his head on the ground. >> a gentleman was on the floor and he is bleeding from the head. and we got free rally towels that night, so they were holding the towels on his head. >> police were not saying much, witnesses describe the suspects as a tall man with blonde hair. he left the scene. former nba star, lamar odom
9:34 pm
was hospitalized after being found unconscious today at the bunny brothel . the women found him unconscious and they called the sheriffs. they reported he was taking herbal viagra. and they were not aware if he was using other drugs. >> it is among the most tragic mistakes a parent could make. leaving a child in a hot car. especial onlily on a really war like today. a local inventor is trying prevent it. >> if you notice, there's a temperature inside and outside the car. >> he gave a sobering demonstration. in the car, it climbed to 107 degrees in ten minutes. >> when children are left in the
9:35 pm
car. they perish within hours of leeing left. >> i could not believe that he forgot my own son. >> we lose a child every nine days. >> in the spirit of silicone valley, wanted to do something about it. >> thank you for coming. >> the product is called, i-remind. we have the car sensing pad that goes underneath the car seat. >> it can tell you when you put the baby in the seat. >> the battery will last for two years, you will never know it's there unless you forgot your child and walk off. as soon as you get far enough away, the alarm goes off. and unlike a text message or phone call, you will find this one difficult to ignore. >> it keeps ringing, doesn't stop. >> that's correct. stop until y back in arm's reach of your
9:36 pm
child. it comes with one of these, so you do not have to have an iphone. >> sold for $99 on amazon, it not made in china. if you want the mayor at your product launch, build it here. >> we look forward to helping morin o innovators here in san jose. >> abc 7 news. >> up next, two u.s. carriers putting air fares on
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. this is abc 7 news. a southwest airlines sale ends
9:40 pm
today. the shorter your route the more likely you will be able to fly round are trip for under a hundred dollars. and out of oakland and san jose, you can fly to burbank and ontario. friday and sundays are of course excluded. >> yeah. >> and frontier is offering a better deal. it's pricing 300,0$300,000 sea- pricing 300,000 seats $19 one way. >> china southern airlines require that candidates be no older than 24 and above average height. and in some they have to master fung fu, this is a social media
9:41 pm
contact. the attendants have to fit in an over-head bin. this marks the employees first 30 to 50 hours in flight service. only women are subject to this. a mega-beer deal is in the works. anheuser busch is going to buy sab miller for $104 billion. over $100 billion. the it will create a super brewery of sales of $55 billion a year. if the deal should fall apart, anheuser busch has agreed to pay a $300 billion penalty to miller. >> wow, facebook is mounting a new challenge to youtube, a new button will allow users to search for videos instead of scrolling through the news feed. the heft will be limited to a small number of people. users are already watching 4
9:42 pm
billion videos per day. facebook is stepping up the bid to bid for people who spend time on youtube and for the advertisings that come with it. >> and most of the videos are food and cats. >> probably. >> up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a final check on the forecast. >> and a baby born in 30,000 feet, in the middle of row 49. is the baby chinese or american?
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we are getting a look at new images from jupiter, the images
9:46 pm
will give us a look at the great red spot. you see it there. there it went. it's gone. hurricane, this is a hurricane bigger than size of three earths. >> wow think about that for a second. and it has been raging for hundreds of years. in addition to jupiter, they will release high quality images of other planets. >> now to the special delivery of 30,000 feet. the question is, is the baby american? >>eporter: passengers usually reserve applause for the captain after a happy landing, but this was a happy landing of sorts. holding a brand new baby girl born in the middle of row 49. the china air flight was headed from taiwan to los angeles, you can see on radar where it made a
9:47 pm
huge course change, going to a alaska for emergency landing. will the baby be a u.s. citizen. the law said if you are born within 12 miles radius of the u.s., you are. but we don't know yet. that is incredible. >> everyone on the flight will have a story to tell for the rest of their lives. including the baby. >> last check, on the weather. >> it was hot. >> it was hot, and as soon as it starts raining, everyone will wish they heat. >> i don't think so. >> i think we will complain about it no matter what. >> larry, let's look at how hot it was, a record tied. people are complaining about the heat, temperature of 95 in napa, did not make the record. and oakland well away from the record of 99, it was 90 today,
9:48 pm
things will start to change, cooler weather tomorrow, i hope many of you are happy to see. live radar hd, as you look, bringing in a chance of showers and shower chance and thunderstorms for fresno and yosemite. the system will go northward. 92 in chico, and tahoe will see an opportunity for showers but not until thursday. here in the bay area tomorrow, 70s in the beaches and 90s inland. yes, still warm. but the cloud cover will help to decrease the temperatures tomorrow with the wind switch, more of an onshore flow. the week ahead, san jose, 85, and still above the average of 76. look at the sympttemperatures s and a bump up early next week. this will be welcome news as you look at the accu-weather
9:49 pm
seven-day forecast. thursday, friday, maybe a few drops added in to the mix there. and especially down towards montrae bay. here in the bay area, we will bring in the possibility of a sprinklehursday and a slight chance of showers on saturday, primarily in the north bay. with much more comfortable temperatures. mid 60s to low 80s. >> i tell you, what is going to happen. as soon as it starts raining. >> we cannot tease anybody. that is what you are saying. >> some people are more difficult than others. >> i have no idea. >> listen to this, starting sunday, a mexican restaurant in brooklyn will offer a 10% stake in the business if you can polish off a 30 pound burrito. >> come on. >> and you will get free food for life. how about that? keep in mind the current eating record is 14.25 pounds. this is twice the size a normal burrito, only a pound. and many cannot get that much down. those that want to try will pay
9:50 pm
$150 for that meal. major league eating will not condone the challenge, because it said, there's no safeguards in place. >> i think joeyhestnut would say, i'm not going to do that. i don't know what is more funny the challenge or that there's a major league eating league. >> nlds, l.a., living to fight another day and the
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well coming up tonight, it was democrat versus democrat at the presidential debate and bay area party members tell us who they think are the winners and losers. >> and zuckerberg spends time with some of the most dangerous are inmates in the state. this sports report is
9:54 pm
brought to you by your loyal toyota dealer. >> not accustomed to t warriors and the word losing. >> harrison barnes, we were talk bigot in the break. he sprained his knee. people are going, oh, no. it's a minor sprain. it happened 12 minutes in. barnes, not a good start. but we will talk baseball. no more next year has become the cubs saying this year. no more, saying next year will be the year. the franchise who has not won a world series since 1908 is doing just that. they have not won a postseason series. cubs up 4-3 in the fourth. brandon moss, and cruz behind him. solar, got him. a huge out, cards unable to take the lead. cardinals overpowered in the series. bottom six. rizzo in the bleachers, 5-4.
9:55 pm
he does this. over the scoreboard, on to the street. this go in your top five, rob? how about "ghostbusters," the cards last chance. hector rondon, swing and a miss. 6-4 cubs. they take the series 3-1. and it is part tiy time. >> we are ithere, in the clubhouse partying every win. it's a special one. but tomorrow, we wake up and we knowe have another challenge ahead of us. >> clayton kershaw, do or die for l.a. in queens. game four versus the mets. 1-0 in the third. turner down the left field line. cespedes a bit of an adventure. kendrick and gonzalez score. kershaw, three-run cushion. he made one with mistake and there it was.
9:56 pm
daniel murphy. over the fence in right. so it's a 3-1 game. kershaw, pitching on three days rest. 94 pitches. seven innings, three hits and ght ks. but the $300 million payroll has not helped them. two on, two out in the eighth. can murphy do it again? no. janson out with a line drive to puig. dodgers hold on to the 3-1 win. and game five thursday. >> the sharks have started the last three seasons, 3-0, for once, they would like to finish a season having won three straight. could this be the year? first period, multiple denials of 31 saves. a few minutes later. pavelski back hands it to burns and angle of attack, setting up
9:57 pm
the rebound for brown. 2-0 san jose, 3-0 three minutes later. cleaning up the wingels attempt, the sharks have an effort to be more active in front of the goal and it is working. jones with the second straight shut out, he has given up one goal in three games. clippers coach doc rivers said that the warriors were lucky to win the championship this past season, because they didn't have to play them or the spurs. he since back-tracked but the damage has been done. and this anecdote was offered. >> it's like a bitter female. you ever dealt with a bitter female. god on -- that is rough. that is one of t worst things in the world and god, that is bad. >> something tells me, he has not been doing the breaking up. he is so the other end.
9:58 pm
iguodala willet his bobblehead night on saturday. they rip a floater from 15 feet. that easy. steph hesitation here. 14 in the first half for the rook. late first half, the block. livingston. warriors up six. barbosa, been the best warrior tonight, 16. back pick for the finals mvp, moving to the third. warriors down nine. curry to draymond for the flush. and right now, all nuggets. 103 to 87. clay, a combined 6 of 21 for 22.s. thursday night, lights for 15th ranked stanford, when they host number 18, ucla, it's the fourth straight night game for the cardinal in the second week night game. they beat oregon state. that was a tough week. six days to prepare in the case this week, they are coming off of a bye week, a easier transition. >> so, in terms of game
9:59 pm
preparation, it was actually a little more rushed playing on friday night. because we had a saturday game going in to friday game. than it was for this thursday game for the amount of time we have had before. >> we know what happens to us. they were shot the next day. it's not ideal, but again, it what we have and we make the best of it. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you by stanford. >> how about draymond green? >> bitter female that was scorned, good thing we don't know any of those. i'm just saying, we don't know any of those. right? >> all right. thank you so much for joining us tonight, thank you. who are you? >> i don't want to take responsibility. >> no,
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. rae carruth is one of the biggest stars in football until his pregnant girlfriend is shot and the cops flag the wide receiver as their prime suspect. and a shocking past of a suburban mom is exposed after she's accused


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